martes, 28 de enero de 2014

#2 Inspiring images.

1. Confusion and blur.

Photography not only shows reality as it is, but also, as it isn't. Darkness, blur and motion constitute a tool that opens a window to an altered reality, a world of mystery and confusion.

"Bonfire" by Louis Samedi.

Francesca Woodman.

Image from "the Americans" by Robert Frank.

"The Hunt" by Stefano Pesarelli.

2. The seeds of revolution.

Some pictures have inspired (and still inspiring) change and struggle. Those images turn eventually into the icons of the moment they represent, and nowadays, they still work as a reminder that we can always fight, that nothing is hopeless.

Fall of Berlin Wall.

Hippie puts a flower in a gun: "Flower Power".

Protests during May 68.

The Prague Spring.

The Beijing Massacre: the tank man.

3. The Unguarded Moment.

The Unguarded Moment is a concept that the photographer Steve McCurry uses a lot when talking about his work. He is always trying to capture those 'unguarded moments' when people are at their most unselfconscious and natural. Although he wasn't the only one who captured this concept:

Julia Laich.

Robert Capa.

Steve Mc Curry.

Robert Frank.

Xavier Miserachs.